New scam

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  1. bookish


    new scam: They bribe a judge to have a scret court hearing to give them guardianship over you. You find out when the cops show up to take you to the mental hospital.
  2. destriero


    When/how did you escape?
  3. Overnight


    Brittany Spears, is that you?
  4. bookish


    They canniballized her. The girl in Vegas is a replacement.
  5. themickey


    So Dest was right.
  6. Uh oh, I’m having a bad feeling about my shrink offering me a refund!

    (Yes, he is Jewish!)
  7. bookish


    This is scary.
  8. Secret court hearing? Aren't all court hearings a matter of public record?
  9. bookish


    No! They are supposed to be buttgeyare not!
  10. Would a court hearing decisions done in such a manner apply then?
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