New San Francisco bridge built in China to be shipped to US

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    Why could we have not built that bridge ourselves

    Does entire United States from coast to coast not have people who know how to build this bridge, and even if you have to pay US workers more money. That money would go back into F-ing economy as workers would spend on beer and housing and life.

    First, China made cut-price clothes and knick-knacks. Then it learned how to make mobile phones and iPads. Now it is making a 2,050ft-long bridge spanning the San Francisco bay.
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    maybe you could have but the cost would have likely been much higher

    anyway, they used Chinese workers to build the original US railway tracks 150 years ago...a lot of them died due to the dangerous work involved that only Chinese would do
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    I don't suppose you took the time to read my entire short post.

    Maybe problem in America is that people don't read anymore and think anymore.

    "even if you have to pay US workers more money. That money would go back into F-ing economy as workers would spend on beer and housing and life."
  4. Chinese simply deserve the work and the stronger economy as a result. We Americans are beginning to specialize on productions like the Casey Anthony circus.
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    To me US strategy is a simple one.

    Dump 47 % of entire nation budget into Military, and then threaten the world into submission.

    Only I don't think this strategy will work forever. We desperately need better smarter government and Fed needs to go the way of Dodo
  6. I laugh at OP simple ideologue. Come back here after hiring your first 10 employee, then, we may listen to you.
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    What is the definition of the word GREED

    Is greed a good thing?
    Is there greed in US government and shouldn't US government be beyond greed and serving the citizens of US.

    Why am I stupid if I am pointing out that Chinese went from shirts and pants to cell phones to building bridges for us.
    Do you see nothing wrong with that and how long do you think this can go on?
  8. pretty simple:

    Chinese labor cost is less than payroll taxes for a US laborer.
    Chinese materials cost is a fraction of the US materials.
    Warehouse and facilities cost in china are substantially less
    insurance is not required
    ... the list can go on.

    Sounds like they smart sourced the project. Do as much as possible overseas and the minimum here to complete the project.
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    the difference between U.S. and China progress in monetary terms is misleading, because of distortion of exchange rates. I used steel consumption of the two, which may tell a fuller story. I was astonished to find that China consumes 10+ times steel than the U.S.A. in 2009. Steel is probably most used material in building and making staff. This can not be sustained. Pretty soon, the hollowness of U.S. economy will announce itself.
  10. This is an interesting article. I work in the steel trade and I've seen things like the Bird's Nest - China's Olympic stadium and when you use the software yourself that's used to make that structure, it's really amazing. Its not just putting people at a problem and doing it - it was a logistical and technical adventure. The fact that they have groups of tradespeople who can draw this type of structure tells me that they can do anything.

    The US is a post-labor economy (not sure if its a word yet, but it describes the situation accurately). The US relies on the capital it already has, or what it can print, and it imports things. Obviously this will kill the goose the laid the golden egg- the saver/producer/farmer type in the US.

    The funny thing is, the Marketing budget of most Government departments is probably higher than the steel structure cost to build and ship here.
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