New Rules Again? Is Market Manipulation allowed now?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gr8stock, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. gr8stock


    After changing many times the margins, leverage, short selling and many other rules, there is a new rule in the works.

    Same people that created the largest problem in history changing the rules once again to fit their needs. Why the markets were down last week and up more than 10% today?

    Nothing technically or fundamentally has changed.

    Would somebody explain why they allowed to manipulate the markets?
  2. mwerbe


    the system broke when lehman collapsed, it caused a lot of forced liquidation along with hedge fund and mutual fund redemptions causing a string of down big days followed by a day where there was no one left or willing to sell and only buyers so of course we went up big
  3. gr8stock


    Nothing really changed in last few days.

    Rules of the game changed. Governments decided to buy banks and other stocks by stealing your money. There are many other manipulations they can do with trillions of dollars. Do you know of any other business or game where rules are changing as you go to assure that someone is ALWAYS winning.

    People that caused collapse of Lehman and the entire system manipulating the market now. Bear market yesterday and bull market today????.
    This is crazy manipulation by incompetent people in financial institutions. Same as it was with Enron, time will come when the truth will be revealed and they will be locked in a different type of institution.