New Rig....but xp32 bit is recommended !!!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by frankyman, May 28, 2010.

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    I need a new rig but have been advised by IB tech support that xp 32 bit is still the recommended option (apparently no problems to run the TWS will be encountered versus vista or win 7).

    32 bit means max of 4gb.

    So, here's the questions

    1. what am I missing out on by running xp versus newer operating systems ?

    2. my current rig has 2.5 gb of new upto 4gb.. doesnt seem to be much more (but only used for trading related ) ?

    3. just does'nt seem to make sense to use xp on a new rig....?

    Any help/thoughts appreciated.
  2. An OS never made anyone any money. If IB is important to you and their tech support says "XP32", that's what you should use.

    There isn't any compelling reason to use a newer OS, and XP will be good for at least 4 more years.
  3. I think that a hardware platform should be supporting the application. If the app dictates/requires/recommends XP32, stay with it.

    I think apps like IB probably won't even need 4GB.

    I upgraded my hardware to i7-930/Win7-64 because of processing power I needed. I am running Win7 on some and XP on some. I haven't used a lot of the "new" features in Win7 but I don't think I will miss them.

    Things like Aero Peek... May look neat but a complete waste of CPU cycles to me. I don't even want a translucent title bar - another waste of CPU cycles. We are traders. We are practical. We need solid performance to get the job done. I leave the "cool" things to design-artists or college/high-school students... :)

    Win7 has some "Homegroup" and shared libraries concepts. If you don't have multiple computers at home and multiple users, they may not concern you.

    Maybe there some system functions in Win7 that is neat besides user interface. Dunno.
  4. You don't have to use any version of Windows.

    TWS runs just fine using UNIX/Linux and that is IB's software development environment.
  5. frankyman


    Thanks for the replies.

    Yeah agree makes total sense to go with xp32
  6. I think it's knee jerk and regressive to go with an ancient op sys.

    You want to remain in the stone age, no sweat off my nuts.
  7. nuts to you :D
  8. how many monitors will you drive with the new rig?
  9. Agreed. Why should you limit the full potential of your new computer (especially the availability of RAM)?

  10. the extra RAM is only needed to drive the bloatware in WIN7 :D
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