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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by themickey, Mar 19, 2021.

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    The 'New Resources' section within ET is under utilized by ET members, I'm thinking its an area which is often overlooked by members and Baron is not getting the potential value from it.
    The reason I say this, infrequently is New Resources mentioned in posts.

    Suggestion: On each Users profile, a seperate preferences section where the User ticks a box which lists numerous subject (matters) that the 'New Resources' section would cover, eg charting, crypto, indicators, API for developers etc etc.

    This is how I'm thinking..... A new member signs up on ET and part of the signing up procedure is to take the prospective member thru the 'preferences of interest' section where they tick a box in a long list of Trading interests (not politics, religion chitchat.....)
    You could also include 'other' where member fills in a text box on anything not already covered. This will give Baron maybe some clues on other interests he'd not thought of.

    When a New Resource is created by Baron or Sponsor which aligns with member's interest, it's flagged on their web page. The flag remains there until they have viewed the Resource. An email could also be sent, but I think the flag is more effective way of communicating.

    For already existing members, a Flag on their web page could pop up which tells of this new feature and for them to tick at least one box.

    Now granted, noobs will probably have numerous interests while senior members not so many but hopefully there will be Resources as hidden gems not known to many posters which follow along on their particular interests.
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  2. Baron

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    Thanks for the feedback and your vision for what it could be. I agree it's underutilized and one of my top priorities on the next homepage redesign is bringing to light more additions, updates, and reviews from the Resources section.