New Research Tool Predicts Landslide for Gore in 2008, Defeat for Clinton

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  1. Hillary is unelectable.

    Gore could possible take Ohio and/or Fla, the necks in Ohio will never vote for Hillary, and she wouldn't take Fla either.

    Any reaonable analysis of the red states shows Hillary is not going to carry any of them....
  2. From the link: "“With a predictive accuracy of 93%, our results showed that Al Gore would easily defeat any Republican challenger in 2008. However, he is the only Democrat on the scene today who has the ability to defeat the likely Republican challengers, who we believe will be either John McCain or Jeb Bush.”

    Jeb Bush? The same Jeb Bush who is the brother of a president who has managed to unite the country in hatred of him? I'm sorry, but Jeb has about as much chance of getting the nomination as ZZZ does. Two Bushes have been more than enough to convince me.
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    Yes, I am feeling bushed too. Are there any real conservatives [not that I think they are always correct] left? I heard a MECHA guy talking about how he did not want Mexicans becoming Americans and he referred to America's political scene as "Neo Liberalism" and it sort of fits. Of course the MECHA guy is a hard line Marxist, they are the masters of criticism and apt names actually, about all they are good for nowadays.
  4. New Research Tool Predicts Landslide for Gore in 2008, Defeat for Clinton

    Not that I like any of the above, but couldn't we jazz up a bit your "New Research Tool" in order to squeeze some money out of the market?

  5. IMO, the good news for traditional Republicans, not the current bunch of clowns headed by Bush the deuce, is the Dems are still the party led by Chairman Dean and Nancy (let's impeach Bush if we get control in '06) Pelosi .

    To me, the Dems need to clean up the mess at the top of their party or the Reps will win again.

  6. Sure, how about GWB - anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-flag burning, militant, trigger happy, anti-social services, anti-UN, anti-environment, anti-minimum wage, anti-union, anti-affirmative actions, pro-[big] business, pro tax-cuts, pro-religion, pro free-market, pro free-trade, pro-outsourcing... Who can possibly be more conservative that this guy?

    The problem is not that there are no conservatives left, the problem is that they've been in control for 6 years and we see the results of their policies.
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    So what is the problem? Perverts are unhappy? Homeowners don't like the rise in equity? Black businesses are booming? What???
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    you forgot big government. that is why a lot of fiscal conservatives are pissed.

  9. Just say no to Bush/Clinton oligarchy in 2008. Hope America wakes up from this stupor.
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