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    Would it be possible to start a new religion. It seems that over 50% of people seem to need or want a religion or is it a philosophy that's needed ?
    OK so a lot of religions and philosophies have more or less stood the test of time ie they are still around.
    Even the street mugger has a philosophy but probably doesn't know it by that name.
    So why not "cherry pick" the best points from the best that religions/philosophies can offer ? And build a super religion/philosophy ?
    ANY IDEAS ??????????????????
  2. What would your personal reason be for starting a "new" religion?
    Is there an end result you would be anticipating? What is it?
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    There are probably 3 good reasons:-
    1. If I had a religion/philosophy I could believe in and live by I might have a better and more structured life.
    2. Different religions and philosophies have been tearing each other apart since time began. Maybe one super religion/philosophy would heal the differences.
    3. Lets face it all the religions are very dated ! Knowledge has greatly increased in last millenia or two ! Shouldn't they be living, and changing as new facts are revealed and relevent to the modern conditions ?
  4. 4. Tax breaks !!!
  5. Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  6. I heard there are/have been over 10,000 religions.

    They are all wrong.

    Why start another one that would be wrong also?

    We already know that certain things are good and others are unwanted.

    Religion should be outlawed. It is causing too much rivalry and hate.

    It was useful at one time in history when man was mostly still animal.

    Now it needs to be smothered out and put to rest.

    I bet it takes a long time for this to happen, if ever...:(

    P.S. If you believe in one religion, you are an atheist to all the others...