New Regs on HighFreq Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bareback_trader, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know if the new regs will apply to FX markets? Hard to see how if they're not exchange traded (so, I'm excluding fx futures). But they might be able to regulate it by pushing on the clearers.

    Anyone know?

    "The Commission is continuing to adapt our oversight to changing market structure, including emerging trends related to electronic trading.

    Regulators cannot assume that the algorithms in the markets are well designed, tested or supervised. To give hedgers and investors confidence in markets, our regulations have to adapt to markets that are increasingly moving from man to machine. "

  2. It has run its course and now it's time for it to die!
  3. All edge eventually disappears in markets -- that's inherent in the nature of markets.

    But folks in Washington want headlines (esp to be seen as being tough on 'evil' :p speculators). I can see them regulating high frequency on exchanges, but given that FX is OTC and truly global, would they even have the ability to act on it?