New record working hours

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NoMoreOptions, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Almost reached 150 hour per week, I wonder how far I still can push it. Trade stock/future, cook, trade Fx/future. I need a third trade incoming. I wonder how about you?
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    Are you trading for a living or living to trade?
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    Post less. Trade more.

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    words :D
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    24 x 7 = are just trading 89.2% of the time...

    All income received from working over the breakpoint 90% is treated taxfree by the IRS....:D
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    Cut back on the working hours before you become too tired and make bad trading decisions.
  8. What a whiner!

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  10. Do you ever go outside? lol Thats alot of hours.....I would go nutz
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