New Quad Video Cards At Nvidia... Run 30"ers

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  1. For all of you fans of vast screen real estate...

    New models NVS 420 and NVS 450... probably a bit costly, but as least they now have cards to run 30"ers in DVI.
  2. If you have a 30” monitor (or a couple of them) why not get video cards that can handle them as well as play new games?
    Playing Crysis, COD4, GRID, Orange box, etc. at 2560x1600 is very nice. I know; you have to be profitable to buy these things, but if you have a 30” I think you should take advantage of it. I was happy with my Nvidia GTX 280, and now I am going to try out the new GTX 295. I did try dual ATI 4870x2 but I was not crazy about them.
  3. A little off topic, I've been thinking about stepping up to 3 monitors, but I have a Vostro 400, which is only compatible with 1 graphics card. Looking on ebay, it looks like you can pick up a used Quadro NVS 400 for a fraction of the 420 or 440, but it doesn’t look like any of them come with the breakout cables for digital monitors, just analog. Does anyone know if you can buy those DVI breakout cables separately (is it a proprietary item or can you buy them anywhere)?
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    Sure you can. You need an LFH 59 pin to Dual DVI cable. The Matrox dual cables won't work because they are 60 pin, so make sure you get the LFH 59. Specs here:*&p_li=&p_topview=1

    Google search:
    "LFH-59 DUAL DVI cable"

    This cable should work:
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    Sorry, the nVidia link didn't work. The gist of it is below, or you can search the knowledge base on nVidia's site:

    Both the Quadro NVS 400 and the Quadro NVS 440 are equipped with dual DMS-59 connectors to simplify connection of up to four VGA or DVI-I displays. Most Quadro NVS 400 and Quadro NVS 440 come bundled with two DMS to Dual VGA 59 pin cables. This allows you to connect up to four analog VGA CRT monitors or analog LCD monitors. If you have LCD monitors with DVI support and would prefer to connect them to the graphics card digitally for improved image quality, you will need to purchase a DMS to Dual DVI 59 pin cable for dual monitor support or two DMA to Dual DVI 59 pin cables to support up to four separate monitors. The DVI connection on the DMS to Dual DVI 59 pin cable is a DVI-I connection and can take a DVI to VGA adaptor to use a combination of analog and digital monitors. The DVI to VGA adapator can also be purchased seperately. The images below provide an example of each of the cables used with the Quadro NVS family.
  6. Molex is maker of the proper DMS59 cable.

    The NVS 400 is an AGP card and won't fit your Vostro's PCIEx16. Might work in the 400 PCI version, however.

    The NVS 440 is a PCIEx16 card, but does not work in the Vostro (according to other ETers).

    What WILL work is a NVS 290, PCIEx16 + NVS 280 PCI... but the 280 won't run new widescreen resolutions in native, DVI.
  7. would my 28" monitors perform better with a graphics card made for 30" monitors
  8. No. Your 28" is 1920x1200 native. It will run as well on an NVS 285/290, but those cards cost significantly less than those which will properly run 30"ers.
  9. Cheapest price I've seen was $439.70 for the NVS 450, which for that retailer was the exact same price for the original NVS 440.
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