New ProShares Short Foreign ETFs Arriving Just In Time?

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    I think these ETFs will be pretty popular.

    Looking foward to these, especially when the emerging markets goes into correction mode.

    New ProShares Short Foreign ETFs Arriving Just In Time?
    posted on: October 22, 2007 | about stocks: EEM / EFZ / EFU / EUM / EEV / EWV / FXP / EFA

    ProShares will be doing the honors Thursday morning, Oct. 25, at The World’s Most Unnecessary Securities Exchange™, introducing Short and UltraShort—double-levered—ETFs, respectively EFZ and EFU, on the MSCI EAFE index. Coming next month: Short (EUM) and UltraShort (EEV) funds on the MSCI Emerging Markets, and UltraShorts on the MSCI Japan (EWV) and the FTSE/Xinhua 25 (FXP).

    The plain vanilla ETFs on the same indexes took—in the elegant phraseology of Alchemy of Trading’s Stephen Vita—to the embalmer’s slab in Friday’s 20th Anniversary Memorial Carnage with degrees of enthusiasm largely proportionate to their recent runs. FXI was off 6.2 percent; EEM dropped 4.3 percent before working back a little after-hours; EFA was off 2.2 percent; while the entirely boring and range-bound EWJ, supported to some extent by yen gains over the US dollar, dropped just two percent.

    The new ProShares, the first inverse issues on international indexes, are likely to be welcome trading fodder. Among US-listed ETFs, EFA and EEM ranked second and third in total assets, with $48.9 billion and $22.5 billion respectively, at Sep. 30; EWJ was 10th, with $11.8 billion; and FXI was 14th with $7.9 billion.
  2. If an ultra short china etf was created it would probably converge to $1 in a few
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    wait till emerging markets goes into bear mode, you will wish you were in these inverse funds. The bull does eventually get tired, remember that. Look at that Dow, 13,500 the other day. Did you think that when the dow was at 14100+ it was headed for 14,500??

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  4. Do they have any Proshare ETF for the chinese market?
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    Japan EWV and

    Xinhua 25 FXP.