New proprietary Trader Diet NOW Revealed

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  1. New proprietary Trader Diet NOW Revealed for the first time.

    Yes, for the first time ever I will reveal my (this weeks) revolutionary "Trader's Power Diet".

    Before 10:30 am - Hot Tea with cream and sugar

    After 10:30 am - Dr. Pepper on ice with your choice of fancy designer crackers, sugar glazed oatmeal cookies or taco chips and hell on the red picante sauce.

    Around 11:30 am - Dr. Pepper on ice and fruit bar.

    Around 3:00 pm - Dr. Pepper on ice.

    Evening 5:30 pm - Bar BQ beans fried okra, cheese potatoes, texas garlic toast and you guessed it Dr. Pepper on ice.

    Night snack 8:30 to 10:30 - Butter lovers popcorn with sprinkled parmesan cheese and Dr. Pepper on ice.

    Mark Brown
    Oddball Guy
  2. I ususally only drink Dr Pepper if I'm not feeling well. Dr Pepper is my HMO physician of first choice. Dr Pepper is my health plan. Pepper is the name of my black lab, I'm not sure he has his MD (mad dog) but he makes me laugh and his prices are reasonable. Maybe on New Years eve I will change his name to Dr Pepper and we will makret a power diet for large and small dogs of the Dow.
  3. Old dealer's diet.

    6:00am. Snog g/f. Not technically eating, but you get the idea.

    8:00am. Grab cholesterol laden pastry and black coffee from street vendor.

    12:00pm. Lunch delivered from Delmonico's. Nice big 1/2 lb sirloin burger with cheese. Fries with melted mozzarella on them and gravy. Coke.

    2:00pm. Coffee. Black. To kill the post-prandial fatty haze from the burger and the cheese fries.

    6:00pm. Dinner in soho. Whatever - you're a client. Wash it down with a few glasses of a nice claret.

    10:00pm. Snog g/f. Sleep well.
  4. Does this make you lose weight or are you just telling us what you eat ???
    I am into health & fitness so I'm just curious.
    Probably you are just joking about this being a diet right ??? :p
  5. well i was but now i have really started loosing weight...

    7:00am drink a glass of cold brewed lipton tea sweetened with ice.

    9:30am drink a dr. pepper in a paper cup from the water dispenser no ice, and eat 2 cookies and 2 very small snicker squares.

    12:00pm go eat anything i want usually jack in box, mick d's, wendy's, taco bell - anything drive tru.

    3:00pm drink a dr. pepper in a paper cup from the water dispenser no ice, eat some hershey kisses or any available candy.

    5:30pm eat anything i want, usually pot belly, boston market, outback, subway etc.

    7:00pm drink a dr. pepper with ice in big plastic cup so i can dump entire can into cup with ice and not fizz over.

    10:00pm drink a small plastic cup of cold brew lipton tea sweetened, have a bowl of nacho flavored doritos and some slices of kraft sharp cheese.

    in two weeks now i have lost two belt notches, but i am constipated allot and am taking some fiber tabs for that.
  6. your diet is crap, and your attempt at satire even worse :D
  7. thanks! but the diet is working, i think my problem in the past was the ice, i intake no water at all. mb
  8. why soytainly!


    EVERYONE knows ice is fattening
  9. Banjo


    You left out the malox.
  10. you left out the nutrition :D
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