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    Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone tell me the name of any good firms for active traders,
    that would give a fair commition, and would provide traders with good and fast execution system that would be somewhere close to Hammer by Andover?

    I trade NYSE and I use scalping tecnique to trade, I found this method to be a vary consirvative way of trade in this market.

  2. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    Is it just me or do these 3 posts seem to have some serious contradictions?

  3. LA: Another piker - It isn't just you.

    Piker Tsar: I won't tell you the name of any good firms but if you care for the name of a good secretarial school to learn English, do ask.
  4. Try Caliber Financial in Jersey City (Hold Bros.). They utilize a conservative NYSE scalping style and the execution is very fast, commissions are reasonable. PM calibertrader for more info.
  5. Tsar will probably come back with some sort of reply about how he is typing via a retinal letter recognition program. It happened to me once, LOL. Or, he will explain that English is his second language in an attempt to make you feel badly for ridiculing his poor attempts at advertising. Is there a universal word for "huckster"?
  6. Why are people who speak 2 or more languages often ridiculed on this site? Such ignorance.
  7. Goldenarm=Tsar1974 ?
  8. Not quite. Although I speak three languages, English is my first one. This should be quite evident from my exquisite use of the vernacular. It is also apparent that Tsar is probably of Russian heritage and English is not his primary language. Give the comrade a break!
  9. That is not my message at all. My point addresses the contention that those who seek to solicit business, without paying Baron for advertising, will come up with all sorts of reasons to justify the content of their posts. For example, a poster claims his/her language is poor, and asks if we could please excuse the post if it sounds too much like an advertisement.

    To speak two or more languages is commendable. However, it is truly nothing extraordinary.
  10. I apologize. Reading Tsar's previous posts, it's obvious that he's recruiting. Go ahead and kick his butt!
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