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  1. has anyone ever heard of andover trading?? i hear they are opening a new office in san francisco?? i heard there rates are low with good payout but do they hire inexperienced traders??
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    Search this site for "Andover". There are lots of posts on them.
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    if you find any good information, please share it with the rest of us.

  5. Andover is as any other trading company if you have experience and put your money you get a much better deal then somebody without experience.
  6. thanks for the website info--spoke with them today and will meet next week to discuss details--sounds like office is opening with 10-15 experienced traders
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    I heard of a firm called spectrum trading in SF that is a licensee of Andover. They have some good experienced traders, mostly from ETG and Generic in SF, but I heard some very negative things about the Branch Manager. They are so negative that I will not repeat them here at the risk they are incorrect, but I would check the OM, a guy named Jeff, out carefully.

    I don't know if this is the same office you are referring to or if Andover is opening another office in SF or taking over this one. I also heard that Andover is getting out of backing traders. They will only give a deal like Bright where the trader takes all the risk (and gets all the reward or close to it) and pays less than a penny a share. The trader must put up around 50k to get started.
  8. it is definitely not spectrum--it is horizon capital out of new york--did not hear anythng about spectrum or ther operation--talked to them today--operation looks professional--systems are brand new and customizable--deal and rates attractive
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    Thanks for the info regarding Horizon. I guess Andover is willing to open more than one office in a city under multiple names.

    Happy New Year and profitable trading!