New program: Dough for dumps!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. I heard Peter Schiff say this in his vlog today that he had this "great idea" (being sarcastic of course) for a new government program. Dough for dumps! It would pay americans to destroy their old homes and go buy brand new ones. He said this is basically what cash for clunkers is, only the obviousness of how ridiculous the program is really comes out when you apply it to houses.
  2. i guess they could demolish their homes to build smaller ones to get out of the high property tax.

    you didn't reply to my pm. do you like that link i sent you of tye tribbett.
  3. I like it!

    Alot of the foreclosures are now dumps... lets demolish them!!!