New Prodigy From Australia

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  1. Brother traders,

    Hello, I am the newest young prodigy trader from Australia, and thought I would like to introduce myself.

    Currently I am dinner and flatware designer. I have made millions from the creation and sale of jeweled forks, knives, and spoons. I started trading out of sheer boredom. After all, i'm only 19 years old.

    I believe my overall intellectual superiority gives me the edge I need in trading. It's easy to take money from lesser intelligent beings, especially Americans. Oh say can you see?

    While I didn't start my business myself, and I still live with Mom, it is a moot point. Put me without belongings and no money in the middle of nowhere, and I'll quickly trade my way to the top, prostituting myself if necessary for the initial trading stake. At some point I would start up some sort of bejeweled domestic product business and the rest would be history.

    After all, look at my list of recent accomplishments:

    > I won the New Zeland Jewel Consortium Annual Spelling Bee at age 12.
    > I placed Second in the 2001 German Anti-American Superiority Complex Presentationals.
    > I have been featured in several Wiggles videos and led the children's dance troop in "Dorothy the Dinosaur"
    > I finished 12th in the 1998 French Chinese Marbles Invitational.

    Finally, it is clear to me that everyone here loves me. I will take every step and to use my relentless verbosity in every way to enhance your trading board experience. Thank you brothers.

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  3. Dearest Brother RichardSmack,

    It is with great pleasure that I welcome you with open arms into the Fraternity...

    Jewels such as yourself and Brother Scientist are proof enough that tender years are no bar to sophistication...

    With the genre of love that can only be felt amongst kindred Brethren...

    With heartfelt love to a True Brother,
  4. Richard Smack...

    You are ROCK SOLID!

    You're prodigical talents truly draws envy from an average guy like me...
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    This has to be the about the third incarnation of this guy. Is it Phil Hendrie trying out new material?