New Portable Toilet?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by fast, May 7, 2003.

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    I just heard on ABC News This Morning that there is a new portable toilet designed for people who do not want to leave their computer. I was only half listening and think they said that Microsoft has something to do with it, but not sure about this. The announcement appeared to be a real news item, not a joke.

    Since there have been discussions on EliteTrader about how to handle nature's calls while trading, I thought I would mention this. Decided to post it here because the description for this category says it is for "... and other aspects of trading for a living." Does this qualify as "an other aspect?"

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  3. Trading is meant to be about liberation... I doubt any employer would make their employees dump at their desk, so why should the free-spirited and independent trader do so? :confused:
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    Thanks, Robi, that's definitely what they were taking about, but it is not at all what I had in mind, but maybe it will inspire some creative traders to devise something more useful.

    candletrader, I like your point about liberation, but I remember some traders they are reluctant to leave their monitors, and some may have said they don't leave them during market hours.
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    If its true then you should be instead questioning the industry and the company ..... If true then ....

    (1) It might be reasonable to assume that MS is running out of ideas or more likely, that MS has mangement issues under its current leadership - Mr. Balmer - and that the numerous mangement reorganizations we have seen at MS over the last few years since Mr. Balmers assumption of the leadership helm signal ongoing problems .....

    (2) ...Serves to confirm the label "mature" on the software business and bodes poorly for the sector over the next few years.

    (3) Re enforces the view that only a few software companies will grow well in the next few years and it wont be those looking to squeeze dollars out of the most ridiculous niches ..... It will be those that innovate outside of a monopoly ....

  6. Well, I would like to see how a prop shop would implement the idea of traders sitting at their desks while having a dump!!! And what about the female traders... do the men traders get to see the females stripping down and then having a dump? :p

    And what about the smell on the trading floor... aint that gonna be a problem?

    And what if a trader is pissing and misses... that will soak the carpet with piss and the urea smell will be real bad... and what if he misses and hits another trader with his piss? That could cause a fight and, in the chaos, the toilet could be knocked over spreading shit and piss everywhere... there are too many practical difficulties, in my honest opinion...
  7. I don't know if I'd use a potty internet connection after some dirty, 'I-haven't-showered-in-two-weeks-and-I'm-OK-with-that,' hippie has been in, talk about stinky keyboards...blech!

    "The world's first portable lavatory with internet access is due to be unveiled this summer. The 'iLoo' is being built by Microsoft's internet arm MSN which aims to showcase its creation at summer music festivals." -REUTERS/MSN
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    Microsoft should just pay a dividend already if they have too much cash.
  9. iLoo? Sounds more like iPoo to me!
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    The world's first portable lavatory with internet access is due to be unveiled in Britain this summer. I don't think I can hold it in until this summer.
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