New polls show Obama's lead cut in half

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    Obama went from an 8 point lead last week to just four points according to the most recent polls.

    Why is Obama's campaign losing steam? And why will Obama lose?

    because the bailout bill will be passed and one it is passed expect stocks and oil to surge. Voters will be reminded of McCain's leadership in suspending his campaign last week, while Obama did nothing to help stem the fake financial crisis.

    Rising oil prices will give him an edge in the next 30 days because McCain has repeatedly conveyed his energy solutions though his town hall meeting for the past nine months. McCain is for offshore drilling and nuclear power while Obama hasn't done nearly as good of a job selling his energy solution to voters. Obama's energy solution is to just dismiss McCain's suggestions, which doesn't do anyone any good.

    Also expect that Obama and Biden will made some serious gaffes in the next three debates which will be replayed all weekend long.

    McCain will win Ohio's hard working voters and FLorida, too.
  2. The swing state polls lag the more general ones. If Obama's lead vanishes expect that it will be reflected in the swing states.
  3. New gallup poll shows Obama with a 7 point lead over McCain.

    I really don't care at this point, but wtf, turder - if your political instincts match your equity instincts, you could start an upside down, reverse polling service and make some coin.
  4. Like ByLoSellHi alluded to; keep buying the market, Stock_trad3r... you know you will be a winner some day.

  5. These guys are correct trader, which you would have noticed if you really followed politics closely. I am a serious Obama critic, but even I see that Mac is losing steam daily (I'm a Mac critic also, but to a lesser degree).

    It is still very close however, and anyone's ballgame, but the current trend favors BO.
  6. Obama will lose Ohio, Nevada, Virginia and Florida
  7. Stock_trad3r,
    make it so... force them!
    Or better yet - rig the voting machines and corrupt the vote counters. I'm sure you know how...

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