New poll shows Obama leads Romney in swing states

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    New poll shows Obama leads Romney in swing states

    Fox News released a new poll Thursday showing that President Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in three battleground states, topping off a week of bad-news polling for the Republican presidential nominee in toss-up states.

    The poll, which covered Ohio, Virginia and Florida, shows Obama leading the former governor by seven points in both Ohio (49 to 42 percent) and Virginia (50 to 43 percent). In Florida, Obama leads by five points (49 to 44 percent), which is within the poll's margin of error. Obama won all three states in 2008, marking the first time Virginia voted for a Democratic president since 1964.

    In Michigan and Wisconsin, Obama has also opened up a lead against his rival: A CNN poll puts him up eight points in Michigan (52 to 44 percent), and one from Marquette Law School has Obama leading Romney by 14 points in Wisconsin (54 to 40 percent). In August, Obama led Romney in Wisconsin by only three points.
  2. I do wonder about two things.

    1. If someone is losing, but keeps saying Within margin of error, over and over, they may actually be losing.

    2. As mentioned on another post, that Wisconsin poll has got to be way off.

    But, thanks to Fox news for contributing.
  3. wjk


    Fuck all these worthless polls. On election night

    Just vote!

    That's the only thing that matters.
  4. Oh, we will, don't you worry about that!:cool:
  5. wjk


    I'm not worried about that. Here's what worries me:

    Voters who know nothing about the people they vote for.

    Potential voters who stay home because they got depressed by some sorry ass poll successfully shaping their opinion.

    People who allow a skewed or biased poll to influence their vote so that they'll feel important. "I'm part of the crowd" mentality, or as I like to call it: Herd mentality. Falls in the same category as voters who stay home because of a poll favoring their opponent. Weak will and easily manipulated.

    The items I listed don't just worry me RCG, they darn right scare me. Fuck polling. It's as biased as the majority of the media any more. I've hung up on every one of the myriad that have called my unlisted number.
  6. Some common ground, I think anyway.

    Too much TV, too much polling, not enough education, can cause one of two things: Either they stay home, or just vote to get along with their favorite tv or radio character. A kind of mass hysteria.

    Too many Americans are starting to act like rabid sports fans, not caring about facts or reality, just want to support their team. Very sad state of affairs.