New PC -- no more T3400s available

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    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can recommend an alternative to the T3400. Dell just ran out and are now trying to sell me the T3500 for 50-100% higher price, despite only the most marginal of improvements compared to the T3400.

    What I was going to get was
    Dell T3400
    525W PSU
    Dual Nvidia NVS 290 quadro x16 video cards
    2gb of ram and a decent processor

    All for under 1k.

    Now they're offereing basically the same thing except it's now called T3500, has dual NVS 295 video cards, a slightly worse processor than before, and price is around 75% higher.

    Feel like I'd be getting ripped off. Any suggestions? I am in Canada btw.

  2. T3400 gone??? I just checked their website and they're apparently still offered.

    T3500 is a step up... Whether it's worth the extra $$ for trading is debatable.

    X58 Mobo and Xeon CPUs. (T3400 has X38 mobo and C2D/C2Q CPUs.) On T3500, the NVS 295 video card will run 30" monitors in DVI IF the monitor has DP connector. If you go the T3500 route, consider the W3520 Xeon. The lesser Xeons are rather whimpy.

    The only other realistic workstation alternatives are HP and Lenovo... and they've always been higher cost than Dell's. At HP the xw4600, if memory servers, is about the equivalent of the Dell T3400... but when I've checked on it before it was always about $400 more for a comparable setup.
  3. Without bothering to look first myself, have you checked the refurbished units offered through the small business outlet. My last three Dell purchases have all been refurbs, w/ nary a problem. The first, a Dimension 8100 was bought in '98, and is still clunking along.

    I would think one might still locate a T3400 going that route. Good luck ...
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    why dont u get a t5400. i got mine from dell and they are great. No problems at all. i did get some more memory but that was it.
  5. I do like Dell overall. But bang for buck I am planning on buying this soon. Twice the computing power for the $$$ as Dell. I don't know about Canada shipping and all that.

    I am no gamer, so I will get rid of the neon crap. Pay for the upgrade on the wiring $19.

    Last time I checked the T3400, unless I missed something it was much more for comparable specs.

    Post edit: I have heard from a few that service is ok with Cyber not bad but not spectacular. For the $$$ I am willing to risk it since many are happy with them.
  6. T3400 isn't all that comparable... it's more of a workstation machine.

    Dell has XPS9000 which is similar to Cyber.... both with i7 CPU and X58 mobos.

    That Cyber machine is $975 without OS. The Dell is $1099, including OS and 20" monitor.
  7. Great. Thanks for the tip. :) I would prefer to go back to Dell. The on site service is very good. It was truly next day when I had a problem.

    P.S. If you tell Delll you won't buy it without taking back the monitor they will give you a credit. I threatened to send the unit back because their 20" was $100 more than tigerdirect and the guy in India said ok.
  8. I just checked it quickly, so be sure to compare closely yourself.
  9. Sure, I always due my DD on just about everything.
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