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  1. I don't care for Dell's frequent use of "INTEGRATED VIDEO CARD" on their motherboards......When buying a desktop I do not want Laptop features......

    Michael B.

    P.S. It seems to be the company that uses name-brand componets and not "manufactured for" or "downgraded special model #'s" seems to be a reasonable company to do business with, whether it be CyberPower or others.....I simply posted CyberPowers link to illustrate there still is competition available to Dell. The general theme for me was, it is not necessary to get a power-user PC for trading. But I do not mean to sacrafice value, just for the sake of a low price.

    P.S.S. If you want the biggest, fastest, "hotrod of Pc's.....just follow the gaming crowd if you stay retail.....If you want to process and work with huge tick data files or screening 1000's of instruments with custom configured quote pages, you might need to consult the likes of Nitro or others here using more advanced configurations...

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  2. I don't know from personal experience, but I've read that the Intel OEM MBs Dell uses have physical dimensions which will fit only their cases. Even if that's true and one didn't want to replace a Dell MB with another Dell, that only means the case is disposable.... not a big deal.

    As far as service, I have found them to be satisfactory.

    Someone else mentioned Dell's use of "integrated video chip". That feature, designed to save money so that makers can reach a lower price point, is not particular to Dell. Any Intel chipset with a "G" in it's identifier (like, 845G) indicates "onboard, shared video". Lots of makers use similar MBs and chipsets. For some routine PC uses, shared video is perfectly fine. (I've got a cheapo Compaq with shared video I got for a steal after rebate from Best Buy. While it's not my main rig and there may be applications I wouldn't want to run on it, it has performed PERFECTLY, 40hrs/week for 18 months.) For others, it is not and more sophisticated users would almost certainly know this before buying. "Application" still must be considered before purchasing hardware.
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  3. As far as the "integrated video chip"......many traders use multiple monitors......I do not know how this type of configuration would work.....are there slots available to plug in a dual or quad?

    Michael B.

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  4. Not necessarily. If you know you need multiple monitor, I'd avoid the integrated video chip MBs. However, all integrated chip MBs also have PCI slots and there are "dual head PCI" cards which would seemingly run 2 monitors.
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  5. mktman



    Dont fall for there line.

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  6. Do these "intergrated video chip" configurations share/swap ram capacity? Independant cards seem to house their own memory...

    Please excuse the way I throw around terminology and words. This NoviceSavant is learning....

    Thank you for considering my points/questions. I am listening and agree whole-heartedly that application is key here. Being that this is a traders site.....we can assume some needs.

    Granted 2d graphics capabilities is all thats needed so any ol' card will do, prolly....

    Michael B.

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  7. so, what you are saying, there is not an AGP slot at all, since its "integrated"

    Excuse the dumbness.....

    Michael B.

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  8. mktman, Yes, I know....but when I think I got it figured out....something new happens....When I learn something I like to "frame it in"....but things seem to change and I want to remain humble and always learning, this "frame in" mentality must be un-learned....kinda like trading...

    Michael B.

    P.S. also this review could be helpful to other readers here...(I hope)

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  9. I would venture to say that this board is heavily populated with Dell+IB users...just an observation...I could be wrong...Perhaps it is not a high percent given their size though.

    Michael B.

    LOL...Dell should be an advertiser here.....(maybe they are and I have not noticed)
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