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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by robbo, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. how long you been in the game?? :eek: :p
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  2. rumor has it he is a flea market hardware enthusiast....he actually does not trade....

    He actually is not very handy with computers or trading... :eek:

    Just rumors however....don't really know..

    Michael B.

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  3. Well then,

    That clears it up.....we all know those folks in chat could not trade their way out of a 57 chevy in the car museum.

    Michael B.

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  4. arent you in chat?
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  5. under which name?

    Michael B.

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  6. nitro


    It is not how long you have been in the game, but how long have you have had a stake to trade, and how many times you have blown it before you were finallly able to keep growing it.

    It is a journey, not a destination. Even the very successful traders are constantly researching because they know that at any time, even a rule change can affect their edge dramatically.

    Even if I were (very) successful today, I would still be looking for the next edge, for my sake tomorrow.

    But my guess from reading your replies is that you don't view trading as a career, but as some sort of lottery ticket, or perhaps some way to avoid real work.

    There are some that made fortunes during the '98-'00 days. They still consider themselves traders, even though they don't trade for a living _today_, and if they entered the market today, they would give every cent of what they made back. This is what you want to become, if only lady luck would smile on you just once. Better go and buy that SuperLotto ticket, it's almost 7:00 PM.

    You see, to me, money is just the way to keep score. If you won superlotto tonight, and it was Longshot $100,000,000 to nitro alot less than that, what would the score really be?

    Talk to me in 10 years if you are still around.

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  7. I now have two Cyberpower computers and I highly recommend the company. I paid $1300 for my last one, it compared with computers costing around $1500-1800 from Costco, Dell, and Gateway (and everywhere else I could find). And unlike some posters here, I was not willing to settle for a re-furbished Dell (seems like an invitation to compound ones problems).

    Unlike with the Dell, the Cyberpower uses all name brand parts ...the motherboard is actual Intel with the 875 chipset, hard drive Western Digital special edition, memory Corsair, DVD-RW is a Sony, etc. Both were spec built for me and arrived in perfect condition.

    While it has not been long enough for me to have long term problems like you have experienced, I do wonder about the warranty. Cyberpower does quote a three year warranty on their web site, although some items are excluded.

    If your warranty did expire though, you really can not complain much. This computer maker is a super high volume place...and their margins are very small. Tons of people thus would fall under that "just out of warranty" situation. They have to go by the book to offer the lowest prices. Everyone thinks they are special and deserve special treatment, but its a big world out there. Your mother is the only one who really thinks you are special...all others pay cash. :)

    Good thing though Cyberpower uses name brand components. You can pick up replacements anywhere and just bolt 'em in (unlike Dell, Gateway, Compaq, etc).
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  8. The three years is for tech support and for many of the components you rely on the orignal manufacturer's warranty.

    My video card was from eVGA. When I called them they also said it was too late because the one year warranty was up. However, after a few emails, they changed their mind and honored the warranty. All I had to pay was shipping.

    I think you probably get better components going through someone like CyberpowerPC than through a Gateway or Dell. At this point, I have doubts about the reliability, though.

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  9. For others looking for a PC, I believe your opinion of Dell needs rebuttal.

    1. A "refurbished" Dell carries the same warranty as a new one. If a PC is returned for ANY reason, it gets recycled through the outlet as a refurb. Pospective buyers should have no pause about buying a Dell refurb, as there is no greater probability of "buying trouble".

    2. Dell uses Intel OEM motherboards with Intel Chipsets. They also use OEM power supplies and ram, but they can be replaced as needed with retail parts... a bit more specific on the power supply because of exterior dimensions, but still available.

    3. All the other stuff is regular retail.

    If you want a REAL deal on a PC, buy a 1 year old Dell top-of-the-line model on eBay for about -60% off of Dell's new retail price.

    (No, I'm not a shill for Dell. I just use computers a lot, and the last 3 I bought were Dell... Dimension 4400, Dimension 8250, and Inspiron 5100. All have worked perfectly.)
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  10. I had heard that Dell and some other major vendors used motherboards that ONLY fit their own computers. This would limit ones options about upgrading and replacment if needed. If I was mistaken about this, I certainly stand corrected.

    My major problem with Dell is that their support (off shore and poor) and their size has of late made them slip in consumer ratings. This has been mentioned here on Elitetrader and at

    On that web site, the six month rating for Dell has plummeted down to 2.19 with hundreds of horror stories, while the same rating for Cyberpower has grown to 8.20. That along with the price advantage of Cyberpower (for an apples to apples computer, not a re-furbished or used model) made it a no brainer to me.
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