New Pc Needed

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by robbo, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. just a thought...check out the AMD 64 bit if you have the time......
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  2. ya had a chance to buy DEll for 400 bucks.. ya missed it.

    better luk next time.


    rocket science is so hard.
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  3. The point is.....why spend so much money and overkill......the pipeline will be the limiting factor for most traders, no matter how much processor you have.....

    LongShot is right

    Michael B.

    P.S. Ok Nitro....except you

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  4. I'd also look into getting a hyperthreaded processor. It helps when having multiple applications going. I think dell offers 2.4 or even 2.0 Ghz HT processors on thier systems.
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  5. Is XP Pro really better? I have heard quite a few complaints about it. Seems some people think Home is the way to go.

    Tell me about the advantages of pro.

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  6. Some say the file handling is better and its more stable because of that.

    Some say that multiple monitor use is better supported.

    To be honest with you I cannot say that I have tried both.....I just went with Pro mainly because of the file handling partitioning.

    Pro is all I can recommend publically as I am trying to share what I know, not what I think....but perhaps Home is alright.

    Michael B.

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  7. More stable is always good. Thanks, ES.

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  8. if your needs are simple and you dont need or want a "screamer" or spend a ton just your avg PC for trading dell is way to go.

    recently bought a dell 4600 loaded for 400 bucks inc/shipping (my 1st dell) and i'm quite please with its performance. no super duper screaming game machine but inexpensive trading machine. works great.

    now, if you want a screamer i'd either build one along lines of sharky:

    or go here:

    maybe top dell workstations are screamers, {shrug} i don't know, no experience with any of those.

    oh, and i do have a system from these guys too, they do nice work:
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  9. Perhaps this place might compete with Dell

    Michael B.

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  10. Very simple. If you're now on 2000 then don't switch. For a new install, if you don't like the M$ activation nuissance then get 2000.

    Otherwise get XP.

    (If you ever heard about Linux, think twice)
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