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    I am looking to buy a new PC for Trading and will be running 4 monitors with Tradestation.I will have a lot of charts open and want a machine that runs well.What sort of spec machine should I be looking to buy,feed back appreciated
  2. 512mb RAM, Windows XP PRO and nice big monitors with high refresh rates.....IMHO a used PentuimIII is just as good as a new PentiumIV with a broadband connection.

    Michael B.

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    Careful with the Processor selection.

    Upgraded from a P3 to P4 and added 1gMem.

    If your planning on using RS and a large symbol list; Both upgrades are definately needed.

  5. what kind of graphics cards are good to use for a 4 monitor set up?

    2 dual 32mb cards?
    any brands recommended?
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    been using a P4 Dimension since approx. 1 year, no worries whatsoever, 1GB DDRRAM & two very fast drives & your done...using TradeStation & two other packs with ESignalfeed.

    IMHO a serious trading pc cannot have enough power, space & comfort, you should think of other things as your pc...:D

    But try to avoid dual xeon workstations until you are really sure your special app. can handle mutlithreading in a sophisticated way...if not it does not bring you any performance increases.

    all my best
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    WestCoastTrader you cant go wrong with a Matrox G200MMS G2+/PPL-PL7,look on Ebay some excellent deals.
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  10. Check out the inventory of P4's at Dell's Refurbished (Outlet)Website. You can really get an incredible deal, and you also get the SAME WARRANTY as a new Dell unit.

    I have purchased 2 Dell units from this part of Dell's website and have been totally satisfied in every way with the performance and value of my PC's.

    In fact, check out a P4-2.60 with the 800 Mghz front-side bus and Intel's 875 motherboard with Windows XP-Pro and 512mb of PC3200 RAM and a 60 Gig Hard Drive for only $779.00 ( System Identifier: FCMEHEHD )

    I purchased this very same unit last Summer and love it! If you want to add another 512mb of RAM, you can do so on the cheap for another $120.00

    With the above purchase, you can also get an 18" Dell LCD Monitor for only $399.00 - - - Offer ends today, 2/18/04

    Click on the above link and find: DELL OUTLET SALE!
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