New Pamela Rogers Video

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  1. One thing doesn't make sense here...

    A boy, male, young man... surely can have sex with this hot chick, Pam, and it's clearly his desire to do so.

    Why is having SEX with a woman who really wants to, so illegal?

    I know of the "age" issues, but this obviously goes beyond that.

    There's a mutual sexual attraction. The male in this case is a sexual adult.

    So, if the male in this situation goes out and screws 50 'girls' closer to his age... THAT is OK... but for him to have sex with Pam... is condemned??

    Pam's in love with the guy in this case.

    She wants to have sex - that is natural.

    To send Pam to jail for years for this is screwed up, if you ask me.

    It's witch-hunting and an outdated verdict.

    Maybe all I can see is Pam (it's hard not to) but even the court said she's not a threat to society.


  2. dude i'm pretty much 100% in agreement with you.

    our country is absolutely fuckin retarded when it comes to sexual issues and she's getting screwed by the system. much of the reason our country is so sexually backwards is because of religious bs. that's why i attack religion so much..because their beliefs impact society in bs ways like this.

    i really could get so much into this...

    this is human nature and we've made a crime out of it.

    if the sex was really "wrong" then millions of years of evolution wouldn't be making cases like this happen so much. and btw, she's not a pedophile. a pedophile is attracted to sexually immature people. if the male is able to have sex, he's obviously sexually mature.

    sexual attraction is automatic. she should not be laughed at or anything. it's not her fault what she is attracted to. even pedophiles don't choose their sexual attraction (just like gay people don't..or straight people), so they shouldn't be hated for it. yes, we shouldn't allow them to abuse sexually immature people, but treating them like scum is just incorrect if u understand how the world works.

    you could argue she still had the choice to ACT on her attraction, but more and more i don't think free will exists. so sending her to prison for 7 years to "punish her" is so wrong imo.

    another problem is, what politician or judge is gonna come out and want to promote weaker sex laws? they'll be called a pervert or something. so this shit is probably gonna continue for a while.

    i think i'm about 100-200 years ahead of my time on this issue....maybe you are too.
  3. another thing i think is stupid is how her video is all over the place. who released it, the police, courts, or something?? she's been falsely humiliated enough. i don't care if it was released as evidence or whatever.. people shouldn't be humiliated for being a fuckin human being....
  4. I think she should be locked up for 7 years.

    With me at my house.


  5. Maybe she just wanted to show her beautiful butt off.