New Orleans , lol

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  1. If New Orleans can't handle a little category 1 hurricane , they might a well close up everything under sea level and forget it .

    btw: Looks like my prayers were answered.
  2. what was your prayers?
  3. Lucrum


    I guess sea water and "chocolate" just don't mix well.
  4. you are not very far away also, shouldn't you be leaving your basement?
  5. pspr


    Why don't they just haul in a bunch of dirt and rebuild build that city above sea level? Do they like living in a hole under the water or what?
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    No, it melts in your hand and not in ......... Well, never mind.
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    It doesn't work, take a look at the section of San Francisco that is built on fill-dirt. It is sinking.

    Cities need to be built on bedrock where possible. Manhattan is sitting on a nice contiguous slab of granite.
  8. search my posts and find out ya bum.
  9. The only thing good that I know about than-fran-cipro is : It's already within NK missile range. :D
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    Actually, I really like San Francisco and that part of California. Their politics are an abomination but I've taken several vacations there and honeymooned there. I love the place.

    Last time there I had so many Irish Coffees at the Buena Vista I had trouble staying on my stool. And dinner at Scomas - it's awsome. There's no better clam chowder anywhere in the country.
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