New Orleans Daytraders !!

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  1. Are there any daytraders from New Orleans or around the new orleans area that might want to let me watch them trade or tell me a few things about trading??? p.s..... GEAUX SAINTS !!
  2. isnt praetorian in school in new orleans?

  3. If you have any individual questions, you are free to email me. I am always willing to help newbies. I bet that I've helped quite a few people on these boards. I was a newbie at one time also. I don't discuss any new strategies anymore. In fact, I think that GNP works less now that more people study it. I have no problem with that though. My new strategies I'm not sharing though. Many of them can't be used by size anyway. If more than a few people are doing what I am doing, it won't work. I need these strategies for my fund and my partners. I'm sorry.

    - I'm always looking to talk about fundies though, but only for people who understand accounting and value investing. If you ever want, Im me at hkuppy on either AIM or yahoo messenger.

    - As per someone looking over my shoulder... I don't do that. My gf tried it once. It really messed me up. I tried it one other time with a really good friend of mine, and I lost about 5k in under an hour. I won't do it again. It messes up how I trade for some reason. I'm sorry. If you want to get a beer some time though, I'm willing to do that.
  4. Praetorian2, thats sounds good, maybe you could tell me what most traders look for in a play but not necessarily what your strategy is. i'll pm you soon,,,,,thanx
  5. Just good r/r. Give me a better question.
  6. Although I dont live in New Orleans - I love it:

    I will be in town in February (Mardi Gras)

    but would love to sit down and discuss trading.
  7. nitro



    Let me know when you are having one of these "behind you back" sessions so I can fade you.