New office --- book/video sale

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  1. It's time to do some house cleaning and build a new office so these must go.


    Magic of Moving Averages by Scott Lowry
    Trading to Win by Ari Kiev
    The Arms Index by Richard Arms
    Live the dream Profitable Day Trading by Gary Smith (This is a GOOD one).
    Bringing Down the House (story of the MIT blackjack team)
    Market Wizards 1 & 2


    Options spreads by Fontenellis
    Creating the optimal trade by Fontinellis
    Classic Indicators by Linda Raschke

    BUY all for one low price of $125 (+shipping) or swap me for "Steve Nisans Japanese candlestick chart analysis techniques" second edition.

    I would just throw them out but I thought they might be helpful to another trader.

    The imfamous Paul Tudor Jones Video ... Trader ($200).

    Good trading to all.
  2. Last chance everything for $75 +shipping or I just donate it to my churchs charity... :)

    I just thought it might be more helpful to someone in ET.
  3. Any discount on the infamous PTJ video?
  4. Where did you get the Classic Indicators by LBR? I have not seen that one and would like to get it.
  5. easy

    I bought it from INO? or some site like that 2 years ago.

    It's the original NOT a copy.

    I liked it and thought it was decent.
  6. Final offer $50 (+shipping) everything must go by Friday or they are off to charity.

    Going, going, ...... ?

    easyrider, if nobody takes them I will send you the LBR video gratus on me
  7. I bid $50 + $10 U.S. Priority mail for PTJ video.

    Samson, I think the Market Wizards are keepers. Let me know if you have other things on sale. :)
  8. martys,

    Everything is off to charity later today or tommorrow, I swapped the PTJ video for some dvds. :D
  9. StkWiz


    If you still have the stuff. I will be willing to pay 50 dollars all inclusive for them

  10. I seen Linda Raschke video for rent on also. So why is everybody making such a big deal about the video if it's still available?
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