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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    People who havent seen both systems first hand, simply have no clue how bad government run healthcare is.

    The most recent example I have, A friend of mine was diagnosed with Leukemia last year, and after 6 months of them trying more cost effective measures that didnt work, they finally sent him to Seattle, for treatment, that no one in the Canadian healthcare system was capable of doing, and the government paid for his operation, and he finally beat his leukemia, for the time being.

    Now this may seem like a victory to people paying attention to the Canadian healthcare system but let me tell you something. The government was only willing to pay for his treatment, they refused to pay for him to live in an apartment building that was equivalent to a quarantine building, that he had to live in while he was recieving treatment. So for about 5 months, he had to pay an exorbitant rate to live in this apartment building that was specifically designed for people who were recieving treatment where it was required that they lower your immune system in order for the treatment to take.

    At the end of the whole thing he owed nothing for the treatment, and 20,000 dollars for the apartment to stay down there, plus the fact that he had to be down there for 5 months caused him to lose his business.

    There are all kinds of stories like this of people going south from Canada to the states for medical procedures so long as they can afford them, or what is often the case, where the government will pay for most but not all of it, because Canada doesnt have the technology, and they dont allow private hospitals, there is no option for a canadian to pay extra for insurance and get better treatment in canada if they choose to.

    So where do americans think they will be able to go to if they allow the government to take over, and ration the system? China maybe? Fact of the matter is there is no where in the world you would rather be sick than in the U.S. provided you have proper insurance, and you have paid your way. People in the states have no clue how canadian healthcare works, wait until it takes 6 months just to get an MRI, and if you are over 60, it takes a year maybe 2 for them to replace a hip, when you are wheelchair bound.

  3. At least he has his life,in the American healthcare system with no insurance he would be dead
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    You dont get it, he would have paid for extra insurance, if he could, In Canada, he didnt have the choice, and the fact that he paid an exorbitant amount of taxes didnt do him any good, In Canada you do not have an option to pay more for better healthcare.
  5. True.Pre Obamacare health insurance is not available to all people though.Pre Obamacare with the exception of a few states like Massachusetts he would not be able to get health insurance after having Leukemia
  6. Pre Obamacare he might not have been able to have bought private insurance either even if he wanted to. Obamacare gives everyone the ability buy private health insurance if they want to
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    He never would have been irresponsible enough to let his coverage drop to begin with.

    You have no clue whats coming, The Canadian healthcare system is already going broke, the U.S. system will fold twice as quickly with universal healthcare, cause doctors here get paid more, plus we have twice as many irresponsible people who live off the system, and pay zero taxes, plus the obesity rate is higher.

    The U.S. is basically the one country in the world that innovates in terms of healthcare, and once Government takes over you can kiss that good bye, slowly but surely innovation budget will work its way to zero in order to provide shoddy treatment.

    Once it takes over there is going to be rationing whereby people are cared for based on the ability to tax them. I.E. a 20 year old gets treatment over a 60 year old because he has 40 more years of paying taxes in him, the elderly end up getting screwed and sitting on the waiting list. And im not talking about end of life treatment im talking about stuff like hip replacement surgery where a person could have 30 years of life left.

    You think you know what canadas system is like, and you think it is great cause you watched a couple michael moore movies, but just wait until you end up having the same system, you will realise it is a nightmare.
  8. Natural selection was designed by our Creator to eliminate those who are unwilling to provide for themselves.

    Mother Government insists that natural selection is wrong.
  9. these are not effective any more. after four years of the republicans through fox news and rush ect calling obama a muslim, a socalist, a facist and an all around bad guy the public has tuned that kind of stuff out.
    they over played their hand because the public has seen that obama is just an all around nice guy. too nice actually. he lets republicans run all over him.
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    Base level healthcare in Canada is superior to base level healthcare in the US, easy to conclude since you're comparing some to none. If you want better than base level healthcare in either country, you're free to make more money and buy it.
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