New Obama Talking Point--Republicans Are Obstructionist

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  1. You don't have to be in the DC loop to know when a new talking point has been issued by the White House. Just follow the reliable liberal media voices. When they are all chattering about something, you know you have a strike.

    Today's, actually yesterday's, talking point: evil republicans are obstructing obama's heroic efforts to rescue our economy by engaging in mindless partisan opposition to everything he proposes. What's more, the American people are sick of it.

    I heard this expressed several times by several liberal drones. Perhaps the most memorable was by one of the biggest idiots on cable, Donnie Duetsch, who somehow has a primetime show on CNBC. He was doggedly sticking to this issue when questioning a republican congresman, who patiently tried to explain that there was a difference between mindless obstructionism and voting against a colossal pork bill. Duetsch's response? "So you would just let all the banks fail?" As if those were the only alternatives. What a moron this guy is.

    I see the WSJ and NBC even collaborated on a "poll" to prove this point. Of course, the "poll" is today's news item, dutifully repeated on such outlets as Bloomberg.

    As the congressman on Deutsch's show said, public opinion in fact seems to be exactly the opposite. Voters are appalled at the waste and radicalism of Obama's various spending bills. They are shocked at the level of incompetency on display thus far. This poll and the accompanying talking points are clearly designed for one thing. To take the heat off Obama and put it on republicans, who will now be forced to respond to liberal media queries, not about the merits of the spending, but as to why they are against the country.

    It's interesting to observe the dynamic here as well. Democrats did everything in their power, including the unprecedented use of filibusters against judicial appointments, to obstruct George Bush. They called him a liar, they said he went to war to benefit private companies, they opposed every economic plan he proposed except where it involved foolish expansions of the government, then they criticized him for not spending more money. Was there ever one article in the mainstream media accusing them of obstructionism? Not that I can recall.

    When democrats are in power, things are different. Bipartisanship is mandatory, and it is defined as agreeing to whatever democrats propose.
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    Well done as usual.
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    Democrats control the House, the Senate and the Whitehouse. Democrats have 254 seats in the House, republicans have 178. Republicans have 41 senators, democrats have 56. Yet the media constantly claims that republican votes are needed for everything.
  4. Toady, as usual.
  5. Straight from the Republican playbook, which you know so well. As they say, to a hammer every problem looks like a nail. And all you see are nails, right?
  6. True, but sometimes a nail is a nail, and triple A hit this one on the head.
  7. Really? I have not yet made that determination. Even so, accepting your premise, I wonder how AAA is enjoying the taste of his own Republican brand of medicine. I'm guessing it's not quite as smooth and pleasant going down his own throat as it is administering it to others, eh?
  8. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about.

    I know that when Bush was first elected he went out of his way to try to get along with democrats on a personal level. He had campaigned as a "compassionate conservative" and as a "uniter not a divider." A lot of traditional conservatives thought it was a big mistake, and they were right. He supported Ted Kennedy's education bill, even had the Kennedys to the White House for some Camelot celebration. Then they turned around and knifed him in the back.

    By contrast, obama has done nothing substantively to reach across the aisle. He met with republicans to try to get them to surrender their principles but when asked for compromise, famously replied that "he had won."

    The very extreme and radical nature of his proposals make any compromise difficult. Why would republicans want to sign on to huge tax increases, hundred of billions in handouts to obama supporters like ACORN or massive increasess in utility and energy costs to combat the myth of global warming?
  9. I eagerly await the secession plan for you and your followers. stop

    Please move with haste as Walker Texas Ranger awaits your reply. stop.