New NYT Poll: Americans Reject the GOP on all Major Issues

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  1. With the economy still recovering slowly from the worst crisis in a generation, the 2010 midterm elections will be a struggle for the party in power. Yet, contrary to what many on the right claim, Americans' dissatisfaction with Democrats does not translate into support for Republicans. In fact, Americans view the Republican Party even more negatively than they view Democrats.

    According to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, the public has very little faith in Republican leaders.
    Republicans In Congress Suffer From Lower Approval Ratings

    Only 20% of respondents approve of the way Republicans in Congress are handling their job, with more than two-thirds expressing disapproval.


    Fewer Than 1 in 5 Believe Republicans Have A "Clear Plan For Solving The Nation's Problems"

    Seventy-two percent of Americans don't believe Republicans in Congress have a "clear plan for solving the nation's problems," compared to 18% who do.


    Americans Believe The Democratic Party Has "Better Ideas" Than Republicans

    By 40% to 33%, Americans believe the Democratic Party has "better ideas for solving the nation's problems right now."


    Americans Believe Democrats, Not Republicans, Are "More Likely To Create New Jobs"

    Despite their constant "where are the jobs?" refrain; Americans do not believe Republicans are likely to create new jobs.


    Two-Thirds Of Americans Don't Trust The GOP To Help The Middle Class

    Only 33% of Americans believe the Republican Party will do more to help the middle class, compared to 55% who believe the Democrats will.

    Americans Believe President Obama Is Doing More That Republicans To Improve The Nation's Economy

    Asked who was "doing more to improve the nation's economy," 48% of Americans answered President Obama is, compared to just 28% who believe Republicans in Congress are.
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    Judging by the thread ratings I'd say ET rejects hermit on all major issues.
  3. How discomforting that the fringe should take issue.
  4. NYT Confirms People In Ohio Aren't Americans.

    Frightening Numbers for Obama Out of Ohio
    September 17, 2010

    A new Quinnipiac poll has some shocking numbers this morning for President Obama and the Democrats.

    It shows that in the bellweather state of Ohio, Republican Rob Portman is now ahead of Democrat Lee Fisher by 20-points in the U.S. Senate race there, 55%-35%.

    Probably even more disconcerting for Obama and the Democrats is the fact that Obama’s approval rating in Ohio is dismal. The poll shows that by a 60%-38% margin, Ohio voters “disapprove” of the job Obama has done as President. Numbers like that begin to have huge implications for Obama’s re-election in 2012. Ohio is always a key battleground state.

    Why is Obama so unpopular in Ohio? It appears that ObamaCare is one of the big reasons:
    One more terrifying number for Obama in Ohio:
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    How disconcerting that you think ANY of this concerns you.
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    Well, if you REALLY look at the numbers, it shows the Dems losing ground compared to the previous poll. All in all, I'd say it confimrs the recent trend, which is not good for the Dems.


    How come the Dems aren't running on all the things Obama accomplished?
  7. Here is how I see it, "healthcare versus wealthcare".

    Think I can get that one on the Ed Show?
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    Like higher budget deficits and unemployment rates?
  9. I've asked him this before and all I get is crickets. Look at his threads, they're all focused on the GOP, keeping the finger pointed in the other direction and off of the dems.
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