New NYSE entitlements!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by stylelad, May 31, 2007.

  1. stylelad


    Working for a prop firm. I used to pay:
    27.50$ for NYSE quotes
    60$ for NYSE open book
    and now to see ARCA and ISLD quotes I have to pay
    100$ for NASDAQ
    30$ for ARCA
    is it the same thing for all prop firm???
  2. it is for the ones I know of, I think that started last Dec or something.
  3. stylelad


    no. i mean before June 1st to see NYSE quotes of Arca and Island I had to pay only NYSE fee. And now to see em I have tp pay NASDAQ and ARCA book fees extra. same everywhere?
  4. I hear ya but what I am telling you is that, from the firms that I know of, we got charged those fees starting last Dec. If you are only getting charged them now, you had it easy :D

    The Nas Book $100 and Arca fees $30 allowed us to see the DOM of these books, I think if you want just the inside bid/offer, its free? Cant remember, havent traded stocks since Dec.

  5. I think this new Arca stuff is for "depth of book" which I see no reason for (at this point)...we have no new fees except for the possible re-routing fees (which will go away as soon as Goldman/NYSE initiate their "do not re-route" order type.

  6. stylelad


    but whats bout the INET ISLAND BOOK? dont u think its pretty useful to see it on other levels??
  7. My brother and I don't bother with either of those...the Naz has pretty much taken over all the other ECN's, and we use NYOB for listed stocks.

  8. jj90


    We work at the same place, so how is it that you only pay $87.5 for NYSE, NYB? Mine was $117.5 for NYSE, NYB, CME, but I was told CME was given to us free?

    Maybe consider switching to NASDAQ listed only? I did the math and it only costs around $150 to get full depth picture (NAZ + ARCA book) compared to a broken up NYSE one.
  9. huge230


    Don will this "Do not route" option actually happen? In the near future you think?
  10. Yes, it will....I'll call the NYSE today and try to get a firm date, and will post it up.

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