New NY Governor caught with "pants down" already

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  1. Damn!

    These guys just can't get enough, can they? :p
  2. What water do they serve at the state capital?
  3. I really thought we had the market cornered on political corruption here in NJ. New York always has to one-up us.
  4. Big deal can any of you say you have never cheated on your other half, hookers count here as well!! Dont reply if you are ugly (nobody wants you) or religious (nobody cares)
  5. How cheating on your wife political corruption?
  6. Hell yeah I cheated (until I got a divorce) ... you guys know the women just flock to you once you become un-avai-la-ble.

    But I wasn't running for political office.
  7. New York - A prominent psychiatrist in the Manhattan area boldly admitted that after thirty years of “hearing it all,” our society is on a steady decline and we are all basically “we're all just plain fucking crazy."

    Wishing to remain anonymous, the doctor spoke from behind a shielded screen to a stunned audience. The doctor also offered up, as further proof of his theory, that his own mental health was in jeopardy after dealing with lunatics day in and day out.

    “I’m starting to wonder about myself these days. I love the taste of vodka with a valium chaser a lot more than I did in my early twenties." The doctor believes there is no hope on the horizon. “The world today is short circuiting as we speak.” He said. “Suddenly I'm treating tons multiple personality disorders, pedophiles, rapists, schizophrenics and murderers… and that's just other doctors I treat out of professional courtesy.”

    When asked by a member of the audience what changes he would like to see in the psychiatric community the doctor replied, "I'd like them to allow me to legally bill a multiple personality disorder for each individual personality. I think that's fair." Under current law psychiatrists may only issue one bill per patient no matter how may personalities they may harbor.
  8. Wouldnt that personality need a credit card or chq book? That could be problem
  9. You just answered your own question.
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