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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by MUChris, Mar 26, 2002.

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    I noticed that Don Bright and def have the names of the firms they are affiliated with under their name instead of member status.

    I was wondering if this service is available to everyone or just the guys that pay the big $$$.

    If it is possible could change me from Junior Member to Unemployed??? :)

  2. Baron

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    If you see a company name under someone's username, it means two things:

    1. That person works for the firm under his name.
    2. The firm is a sponsor of this site, which affords them the priviledge of participating on the boards, which includes answering questions about their firm, announcing new products/services, etc.

    If a person comes on the boards promoting their products/services and a company name is not shown below their username, that person/company is not authorized to be advertising anything on this site, and their posts should be considered as SPAM.

    We just decided that this was the best way for all users to distinguish between those firms which are supporting this site and those that are simply trying to freeload.
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    it's a great idea..
    the spammers are vicious at the moment. I guess with the economy getting better they want their share without the cost.
  4. Seems to me that the policy of pay to spam is worse than not paying and spaming. It legitimizes it. I have said it before and will say it again, but there is a conflict between Bright and LW advertising and running amok around these boards bullying people who don't agree with them.

    I don't have a great solution to Baron's problem of needing to pay for this service. It is a great service. Maybe he should charge for getting a user name. That would prevent multiple user names for the same person and generate revenue. Or, maybe charge an Advertiser like Don by the post too. Over 1000 seems excessive...
  5. No disrespect but I am not as worldly as everyone else is and enjoy knowing more about the internet and I always look at the web sites others mention. I know many of you work at firms and interact with others and share what sites are good and those that are bad, but not all of us do, I learn a great deal by reading what is posted here, and many websites are free, like this one, which I found while reading Stocks and Commodities where Mr. Bright can also be found. I thank you posters for I have learned a great deal, so thank you all everyone because you help more than you know.
  6. Newatthis -

    I might agree with you if in fact the advertisers in general were actually "running amok".

    Don definitely posts a lot and at least some of his early post volume were little more than copies of earlier posts (so to pick on him as an example) - he seems to mostly post at the behest of other board members. For instance, there are a number of folks who read and respond to his openings thread.

    Worst case - suppose that there's only a few elightening posts out of a 1000 - it's still better than the off-topic idle chat or consistently negative posts of some posters who never say anything useful or meaningful (as little as 1 out of 1000 is better than never :) ).

    He does pump the prop firm thing a lot, but I haven't really ever seen him "bully" anyone (although I usually don't read the threads that are obviously "Don threads").

    Gene rarely/never overtly pumps the prop trading thing and typically I find his posts well thought out and useful, so he shouldn't even be included in your "advertisers running amok" group.

    Def also hasn't seemed to be doing any proactive pumping - although again I don't typically read the IB oriented threads (but as in reading a Don thread, you should expect an IB thread to be focused on what's good at IB - nothing wrong with that). He seems to mostly be responding to other's posts and the one's I've read have been pretty to the point and hype-free. So again, I wouldn't lump him into the "advertisers running amok" group.

    Also, Don's posts are fairly well contained in easily identifiable threads, so if you don't want to read his posts, it's pretty easy to avoid doing so. And if/when he posts a clearly slanted or particularly uninformed comment on a non-Don thread, there's usually enough others who'll jump in and call him on it. Not to mention when he goes really off base, it's usually good for a laugh. And frankly, if anyone makes an important decision like deciding to trade at Bright solely based on Don's posts, they're probably not long for trading - so I can't see the harm as long as there isn't rampant spamming on unrelated threads.

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but at least IMO so far I find it hard to say most/any advertiser has really "abused" the situation or "run amok".
  7. Im older than most of you and I was raised on commercials so I know you were too. They are a fact of life. TV is free, free, free, because of commercials. Get a grip.
  8. def

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    this is the first i've seen of this and i think its a good idea.

    as for hyping, those who hype - whether an advertiser or not - got shot down pretty quickly on this site. it polices itself pretty well.
  9. Hey there are enough posters who police the site as it is. I'm a competitor of Bright and Liber and Weissman and try to keep them on their toes. Glad to not hear my name mentioned above. Means I'm not ticking off too many people. :D

    I just try to answer questions about ECHO, my office here in SD, professional firms --usually after Don has though or he just will post Robert is correct :) . I've also posted stuff pertaining to my father's work and such if a question arises or some of my trading strategies and styles....but I've been taught by some not to do much of the latter as it seems to cut down on the effectiveness of my systems after awhile.

    Robert Tharp
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    I must agree with ArchAngel; I haven't seen any abuse since we got rid of that guy who called himself the Wolf or some such a few years ago. More of a scammer than a spammer.

    At any rate I think Def has been quite helpful over the years. I'm not an IB user. Bottom line, I'd rather know these people are associated with company XYZ than not.
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