New "New Market Wizards" book??

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    Just got an email today from amazon. com about the "The New Market Wizards" book from Schwager, 2008 edition. Does anyone know if its materially different or updated from the 1994 version, or is this just a hardcover? Tried googling and searching, and from what I can tell looks like the latter. Anyone know anything different? Perhaps some new profiles w/new traders?
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  3. Don't need reading material at this time.
  4. I already pre-ordered this on Amazon. Thought, "they can't just reissue an old book, and make it look new." Well, that may have been exactly what's happened. Can anyone clear this up?
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  6. Schwager I wager must have had a margin call :)

    Don't get me wrong, I loved his books, but rereleasing them?

    He has a bunch of them in part now resold as audio books too....
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  8. Amazon is using the same Search Inside scans, that's why.

    "You are viewing the Paperback edition (1994) from Collins Business Return to the Hardcover edition (2008) from Marketplace Books.
    Some images in this book are not displayed."
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    hahah i got the email too...

    yea i'll pick this book up
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    I would wait and see seems to be just hardcover rights for Marketplace Books.

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