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  1. Free pdf download? :confused: :eek: :D :p :cool: :)
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    Would like to see a review. Congrats on the book!
  3. No but you can a lot of it for free on my blog. It is just a physical copy of some of the article I have written. I wanted to provide a different format to the blog articles I have written so that it is more accessible to more readers and also a permanent archive of my work.

    It is a good reference for anyone and could be used to provide arguments in debates. Also you can learn a lot from the explanations I give on the financial crisis.
  4. It is just out. No review yet.
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    Fire it out to about 50 or 100 economists, academics, etc to get reviews--- its the smart thing to do.
  6. The economic community hate me because I was honest about what was going to happen, and is happening now, about five ten years ago. I am only just recovering from the things they did to me. So I don't think they would be kind, if you read the book then you will see I give them quite a bashing, especially the Bank of England, who HATE me.
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    Try radical. PR hungry economists then like --there are tons of guys like that. i am certain certain academics would likely agree with you also--- controversy sells. surf
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'll look into it.
  9. Every one can write a book. I even know people who can't do anything else.

    Tell us why we should care about your book. How exactly is it different from all the books I have not written because I thought them to be a waste of time.
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