New national ID card reg hidden in immigration bill, illegal to work without card

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  1. Right now, freedom-stealing statists Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), banding together with other statists from both parties, are scheming to sneak a massive power grab into a new “immigration reform” bill.

    This bill is a statist’s dream -- “amnesty” for illegal immigrants and a biometric ID card for virtually everyone else.

    That’s right. Instead of controlling the border and enforcing the rule of law, these statists want to control you.

    That’s why it’s vital you sign the petitions to your Senators IMMEDIATELY.

    You see, a National ID scheme -- complete with biometric tracking technology -- is embedded in the new “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill” being pushed by Senators Graham and Schumer, as well as other Big Government members from both parties.

    And if passed, the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill” would require a new National ID card that would:

    *** Include biometric identification information, such as fingerprints, retinal scans or scans of veins on the back of hands. Depending on the technology used, the ID card could easily be used as a tracking device;

    *** Be required for all U.S. workers regardless of place of birth, and make it illegal for anyone to hold a job in the United States who doesn't obtain the ID card;

    *** Require all employers to purchase an “ID scanner” to verify the ID cards with the federal government. Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government would know -- and you can bet it’s only a matter of time until “ID scans” will be required to make even routine purchases, as well.
    Of course, the most dangerous part of the bill is the biometric tracking technology which would allow federal bureaucrats to track our every move.
  2. ..................and everyone laughed at Alex Jones talking about this 10 years ago. Well it was only time after the 9/11 False Flag event with all the new "layers" of the ever growing police state.

    Now a days we have articles all over the, as the fringe of the mainstreamers play catch up to the new american realities!
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    Here is a nice discussion on the pro's and con's of national id's and biometrics for same... there is not much advantage to anybody in issuing them really...