New Nasdaq Fees (Echo vs. Bright)

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by esc_trader, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. RTharp, how is it that Echo can charge ECN fees and Bright doesn't?
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  2. Let us not forget that Echo also gives traders the ISLD rebates, which Bright does not? Why does Bright keep this for themselves instead of giving it to the traders?
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  3. Don,

    I believe REDI+(software) has links to ECN's ARCA,REDI,ISLD & INCA. On NASDAQ you should be able to Bid-Offer on all these ECN's during market hours and your order will show as a ECN Bid-Offer on NASDAQ Level II. INCA,ISLD & REDI are available pre-market from 7:30 am . After 4:02pm ,traders can use ISLD,REDI & Selectnet(to 5:45pmEST) for NASDAQ. INCA is not available on REDI+ after 4:02pm. You have to hit INCA on Selectnet , after 4:02 pm on REDI+ software. Not everyone has the same routes on REDI+(REDI+ software can be customized for each firm), so traders check with your introducing Broker. ECN & Selectnet hours are subject to change , so if ECN trading hours change let me know. ISLD & REDI are Open after hours until 8PM. ECN & Selectnet hours are always subject to change.

    Like Bright, we include ECN fees in our pricing(no Xtra charge)so we don't give ISLD rebates.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.

    PS Don,I will try come down to Vegas next time the UFC has
    a show there and I can get away...
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  4. Since we don't charge, we don't get rebates either...come on, that doesn't make sense (even in a silly "nickel and dime" argument like this).
    If you want us to charge you $40, and rebate back $25 sometimes, we can work that out....:)

    BTW, if you place a 10,000 share order, and it is filled with seperate, smaller amounts, the total commission is the same Maximum "cap" amount. I am not sure about others, but ours is that way.
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  5. In my opinion, i think it would be better for the trader to get the Island rebates. Starting March 1 , the ISLD rebate will be .0011 per share,an increase from .001 per share. So if you trade on ISLD,provide liquidity, and trade 1,000,000 shares per month, you'll get a check from Island for $1,100 every month.
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  6. If your order is filled for 2500 shares 4 times on a 10,000 lot order than your cost is $25

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  7. Rob,thanks for your reply. So when does the commission on listed orders stop being a max of $25,when you do what?
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  8. I think I can speak for Rob on this one. The "cap" is at $25, for 2500 shares, or for 25,000 shares on one order (at either firm, I believe).
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  9. Vinny1

    Don covered it. There is a cap no matter what and that's with Echo and Bright

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  10. So the max is $25 on one order no matter how many shares I take it. So i assume if you put another order an hour later for 10,000 shares, that's another commission of $25?
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