New NAFTA without Canada?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Jones75, Aug 28, 2018.

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    This video shows a very enlightening perspective from Canada.

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  2. Our politicians need to put partisanship aside and do what's best for their people. Canada and the US would benefit from a fair trade agreement. Trudeau is a Liberal a**hole and Trump is a Conservative a**hole. So what. They both need to get a fair trade agreement done.
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    It's ok Canada would just try to strike a trade agreement with the other countries jilted by USA. China anyone? Europe still around? Both are right next door to Canada.
  4. it wouldn't be called "NA"FTA, if Canada won't not a part of it.

    PS. Trump is not a conservative or a Republican, just a morally depleted opportunist.
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    Not really. Trudeau just rushed his Trade Minister down to Washington this afternoon. Third man out, weaker negotiating position now that Mexico and US have a fair bilateral deal that takes the auto sector away from Canada. Trudeau just lost any leverage he had left - he was too cute being the progressive light bringer.
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  6. Mexico deal is not even 100% finalized. And then it needs to be ratified by the Senate - which Sen Hatch of Utah has said needs to include Canada.

    As for autos from Canada the majority are from U.S. manufacturers GM/Ford and Chrysler.

    While Trudeau is a leftie loonie it is Trumpy that has with no leverage.

  7. "They have agreed on several provisions that Canada opposes .................."

    • One of the provisions that Canada opposed was the raising of the wages for the Mexican auto workers.
    • Trump's agreement raises the Mexican wages to $16.00 per hour from $4.00 to qualify as North American content.
    • IMO ..... that's a huge jump and there must be good reason Canada is against it.
  8. You are believing the absurdities that Trump sells Americans every week. Up here in Canada, people don't really care. We are a well educated, resourceful country that will adapt to any new reality. Trade deals exist for a reason, they help both parties. If you want to shift some of your trade interests to China or Mexico, go for it. Canadians aren't easily intimidated by anyone. If we need to tell Americans to screw off with lousy trade offers, we will. More likely, American based companies with dependencies on Canada will put pressure on the American government to get something done. And vice versa.
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    I've come to realize this so called "new nafta" was nothing more than a photo op to claim a non-existent victory.

    Might as well ignore it.
  10. File it with Trumpy claim back in June NK no longer a nuclear threat lol.
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