New MotiveWave Product Lineup and Pricing

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    Exciting Things Have Been Taking Place At MotiveWave

    With the release of our major Version 6.0, we've also made some changes to our product lineup and our pricing.

    MotiveWave previously offered 6 editions, with the ability to add on Modules for additional functionality. We originally did this to offer as much flexibility to our users as possible, but in doing so, we found that it was just too confusing for many users to determine what the right combination of products for them was.

    We have now streamlined our product lineup into 5 easier to understand editions with more functionality included in each.
    What Are the Changes?

    As of Version 6.0:
    • We have absorbed all of our Modules into one or more of our editions, so we no longer offer Add-On Modules
    • We have retired 3 of our Editions: the Charts Edition, Charts Plus Edition, and Strategy Edition (we still fully support these editions for all users who have these editions)
    • We have introduced 2 new Editions: the Standard Edition and the Elliott Wave Lite Edition
    • We have added functionality to all of the editions in our new product lineup (with the Ultimate Edition still including all functionality)

    For the first time in MotiveWave history (9+ years), we've decided to raise our prices. We've brought our prices up to be more competitively in line with the industry average and to reflect the quality and tremendous functionality of the platform that we are offering.

    What Are Our Editions Now?

    • Standard Edition: A full-featured advanced charting platform
    • Trade Edition: A full-featured charting and trading platform (very popular)
    • Professional Edition: An advanced charting and trading platform for power traders
    • Elliott Wave Lite Edition: A full-featured advanced Elliott Wave charting Platform
    • Ultimate Edition: A full-featured charting, trading and Elliott Wave platform (includes all of our features)

    For more information on our new editions, and to see the new pricing, please take a look at our new Products page.

    As always, we offer many purchasing options (leases, lifetime license, installment plans) to fit your preference and budget. And we offer upgrades from leases to the lifetime license, or from a lower edition lifetime license to a higher edition lifetime license.

    MotiveWave is available for Windows and macOS.