New motherboard in XP

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Tech Analysis, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. OK axeman - you got my interest. :D I'm upgrading to a new P4 with hyperthreading, etc. Question is, has anyone ever done a heart transplant on Windows XP and lived to tell about it?

    I don't want to install everything from scratch. What if I replaced the mobo and RAM, then booted up. I'll probably get BSOD'ed right away, then I figure I'd attempt a repair through the recovery console.

    Will that work, has anyone tried it or am I just putting off the inevitable - having to install XP from scratch along with everything else.
  2. BVM88


    A friend of mine recently installed his old HD in a new computer, repaired the installation, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked. And there have been no problems with it since. Windows XP SP1 BTW also allows one to install it over the previous installation just like one could with W98.

    Good luck

    I should add that he used XP SP1 to repair XP, which in effect was an upgrade as well.