New Montreal prop firm

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    I finally found this firm called Infinia Securities.

    Did anyone got an offer from them? Please pm me if you know anything about them.
  2. Looks like the same old story. Reseller of a bigger name, WTS, Title, Hold, who knows.......... Shoe string budget, steal traders offering higher payouts, act like you are legit and you offer something... blah blah blah. Gets old....
  3. i went there, they have zero employess. i was offered a similar deal via email and then in person told i did not have enough experience, seems they want traders with at least a year or two of records. again no employees just a manager with 25 empty terminals. funding from korea, thats all i know
  4. they may have remote traders
  5. jo0477


    I checked them out just to see what they had to offer out of curiosity. Website says they offer remote but I was told that it was not available in other cities.
  6. money laundering
  7. another reason to never get information through this forum,i heard about their high payout and i went there and spoke with the manager. the place is new with a totally different business model. just like montreal rob they didnt take me because my track record is only 5 months long.