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  1. I'm in the market for 4 new monitors, and I'm trying to decide if I should go with widescreen monitors, what is your preference? Right now mine are not widescreen so not sure how dramatic the shift would be for me. I don't want to go larger then probably 20 or 23max. I was thinking maybe 2 widscreen 23's up top, then 2 20's below? What do you guys have? Any good sites for deals on monitors?
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    hmcp and have good prices.

  3. I just spent forever looking for monitors and found the best deals at Dell. I got 2x22" 1920x1080 for $139 each. They have 3 year advanced exchange warranty and free shipping.
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    More monitor space is better... So, widescreeen is a good choice as long as the price is agreeable.

    A few things to watch out for:
    1) Monitors whose size is larger than what the resolution warrants. You normally expect that 1600x1200 will be 20-21 inch, 1920x1080 will be 22 inch and 1920x1200 will be 23 inch. Any larger screen at those resoluytions just wastes desk space
    2) Be very careful if you consider monitors with resolution higher than 1920x1200. Not only these command a massive price premium but it's such a small market that many leading brands haven't updated their lines for 3-4 years while the techonology has evolved a lot.
    3) It's easier to arrange 4 monitors of the same size and resolution (it doesn't matter if they are different make)
    4) If the monitor stand can't hold monitors you want the question is moot
  5. One small comment. I wish I had bought bigger monitors. I just got the 22" 1920x1080. I wish they were 24" or larger. For charting & trading it's fine but one of them is hooked up to my box I use for mail and internet and I zoom the browser to be able to read comfortably. If they were bigger in physical size I don't think I would have to do that. But for the price I paid I still think I got a good deal. I have since seen the S2309W on sale for $159 and if I did it again I would get them or watch for the S2409W to go on sale. It's weird; sometimes they don't even show these monitors in their product listing. Sometimes they're on backorder, and sometimes you can get them in 2 days. Plus there's Dell Home and Dell Small Business (you don't need a business to by from Dell SB).
  6. None at the moment - wait a little. I expect a lof of DisplayPort capable monitors to appear soon, which will significantly reduce the clutter on your desk.

    I love my Dell 2007's, but sadly they dont ahve DisplayPort ;)
  7. As I read this thread, I was surprised to see claims of 22" monitors @ 1920x1080. The standard res for those has been 1650x1080. I just checked a handful of them and none were 1920x1080.

    If some 22s are now 1920x1080, that's a new development. Or, the perception of them being thus is incorrect.

    23" to 28" have been 1920x1200 or 1920x1080, standard.

    Suggest... if you're getting 22s, verify the resolution... don't just presume it's 1920x1080

    BTW... my neighbor has a Dell S2409W. It's quite good for one with a TN panel.

    If you want a high quality display, check out HP LP2475W.
  8. Why will DP monitors "reduce clutter"?

    You can use DP on your 2007s... just get an Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 video card. Be sure it comes with 2, DVI-DP adapters... or you can buy them separately.

    You can also replace the cable on your monitor with a DVI-DP cable.
  9. * DP allows screen chaining, so you can have cone cable from computer to screen a, another from a to b etc.
    * I know the adapters. But as my next graphics card (due mid next month) has only displayport I would like a solution that is looking forward. I will go that way for now - but strategically I see DVI being replaced with DisplayPort.
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    And DisplayPort is desirable because?
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