New monitor: screen size, widescreen, normal screen, etc

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by a529612, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. I'm currently running a single 17" normal screen VGA LCD monitor and looking to upgrade. Should I get another 17" and go dual monitor or get a single big 19" or 22" LCD?

    Is there any advantage to get widescreen for trading? Can you get more streaming quote columns on widescreen?

  2. Just calculate the screen size by multiplying the width by the height. 2x17" will have more screen area (number of pixels) than 1x19" or 1x22"
  3. Widescreens are not good since to have them side by side wastes precious desk real estate. If you like long histories in charts it might be ok with 2.
    Otherwise 2-3 20-24" regular is a good way to go. I use 2 dell 20.1 monitors side by side, and 3 would be nice to fill the desk.
    Reslution is the key, anything below 20.1" drops resultion GREATLY and should NOT be bought.
    You can buy Dell 2007FP's on ebay for less than $250 each. They are very bright and clear, much better than the 2001fp models, and cheaper than retail out there.
  4. I love my 19" widescreen.

    Widescreen is actually really useful I've found, but I use my monitor for things other than trading.. such as word processing, excel, and watching movies.