New mileage rules: Pay more for cars, less at pump

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nutmeg, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. How are people going to afford a house if the price of auto's keep rising? Auto loans are a big obstacle to obtaining a mortgage.

    In the burbs, two people two cars, min.

    Americans buy stuff that needs to be towed. Jet ski's, campers, boats, etc. This increase is clearly aimed at trucks.

    Recreation is going to go in the shitter.
  2. S2007S


    Autos will keep rising and people will keep paying, near me on any given day I see $40k+ cars on the road ALL day long. The lease or finance on some of these vehicles starts at $350+
  3. aegis


    Buy used.
  4. clacy


    It's a good thing that our government "knows" better than you, me and the private sector.
  5. Lethn


    Don't forget they know better than religion and congress as well! :p