New Michael Lewis book: Panic

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    Excerpts at:

    Panic: The story of modern financial insanity:

    Edit: This book is actually a collection of articles, Lewis only wrote 6 of them:

    Here's the chapter list:

    Introduction: Inside Wall Street's Black Hole

    Part I: A Brand-New Kind of Crash
    1. Stephen Koepp, "Riding the Wild Bull"
    2. Scott McMurray and Robert L. Rose, "The Crash of '87: Chicago's `Shadow Markets' Led Free Fall in a Plunge That Began Right at Opening"
    3. From the Brady Commission Report
    4. Tim Metz, from Black Monday: The Catastrophe of October 19, 1987 ... and Beyond
    5. Michael Lewis, from Liar's Poker: Rising through the Wreckage on Wall Street
    6. Stephen Labaton, "The Lonely Feeling of Small Investors"
    7. Richard J. Meislin, "Yuppies' Last Rites Readied"
    8. Eric J. Weiner, from What Goes Up
    9. Lester C. Thurow, "Did the Computer Cause the Crash?"
    10. Terri Thompson, "Crash-Proofing the Market; A Lot of Expert Opinions, but Few Results"
    11. The Economist, "Short Circuits"
    12. Robert J. Shiller, "Crash Course: Black Monday's Biggest Lesson -- Don't Run Scared"
    13. Franklin Edwards, from After the Crash

    Part II: Foreigners Gone Wild
    14. Reed Abelson, "Mutual Funds Quarterly Report; The Forecast Looks Brighter for Adventure Travel"
    15. The New York Times, "Thailand Warns Currency Speculators"
    16. David Holley, "A Thai Business Wonders, Will It All Crumble?"
    17. Paul Krugman, Reporter Associate Jeremy Kahn, "Saving Asia"
    18. Interview with Rob Johnson, from Frontline's "The Crash"
    19. The Economist, "Finance and Economics: A Detour or a Derailment?"
    20. Michael Lewis, "Pulling Russia's Chain"
    21. Interview with Jeffrey D. Sachs, from Frontline's "The Crash"
    22. Michael Lewis, "How the Eggheads Cracked"
    23. Joseph Stiglitz, "10 Years After the Asian Crisis, We're Not Out of the Woods Yet"
    24. Keith Bradsher, "Asia's Long Road to Recovery"
    25. Choe Sang-Hun, "Tracking an Online Trend, and a Route to Suicide"

    Part III: The New New Panic
    26. The New York Times, "Bigger Netscape Offering"
    27. The New York Times, "Underwriters Raise Offer Price for Netscape Communication"
    28. Laurence Zuckerman, "With Internet Cachet, Not Profit, a New Stock is Wall St.'s Darling"
    29. Carrick Mollenkamp and Karen Lundegaard, "How Net Fever Sent Shares of a Firm on 3-Day Joy Ride"
    30. Michael Lewis, "New New Money," from The New New Thing
    31. Rebecca Buckman and Aaron Lucchetti, "Cooling It: Wall Street Firms Try to Keep Internet Mania from Ending Badly"
    32. Jack Willoughby, "Burning Up"
    33. John Cassidy, from [...]: The Greatest Story Ever Told
    34. Erick Schonfeld, "The High Price of Research: Caveat Investor: Stock and Research Analysts Covering Dot-Coms Aren't as Independent as You Think"
    35. Katherine Mieszkowski, "[...]: Internet Companies Threw Millions into the Air at he Super Bowl. They're Still Pretending They Scored a Touchdown."
    36. Mark Gimein, "Meet the Dumbest Dot-Com in the World"
    37. James Surowiecki, "The Financial Page: How Mountebanks Became Moguls"
    38. Jerry Useem, "Dot Coms: What Have We Learned"
    39. Michael Lewis, "In Defense of the Boom"

    Part IV: The People's Panic
    40. Dave Barry, "How to Get Rich in Real Estate," from Dave Barry's Money Secrets
    41. John Hechinger, "Shaky Foundation: Rising Home Prices Cast Appraisers in a Harsh Light"
    42. John Cassidy, "The Next Crash"
    43. Robert Julavits, "As Bubble Speculation Rises, Industry Sees Little Fear"
    44. Peter S. Goodman, "This Is the Sound of a Bubble Bursting"
    45. Christopher Dodd, Opening Statement of Chairman Christopher Dodd, Hearing on "Mortgage Market Turmoil: Causes and Consequences"
    46. James Surowiecki, "Subprime Homesick Blues"
    47. Roger Lowenstein, "Triple-A Failure"
    48. Larry Roberts, from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
    49. Kate Kelly, "Bear CEO's Handling of Crisis Raises Issues"
    50. Michael Lewis, "What Wall Street's CEOs Don't Know Can Kill You"
    51. David Henry and Matthew Goldstein, "The Bear Flu: How It Spread"
    52. Michael Lewis, "A Wall Street Trader Draws Some Subprime Lessons"
    53. Paul Krugman, "After the Money's Gone"
    54. Matthew Lynn, "Hedge Funds Come Unstuck on Truth-Twisting, Lies"
    55. Gregory Zuckerman, "Trader Made Billions on Subprime"
  2. I just read another book by Lewis, even his mediocre works are good.
  3. Lewis Rocks--- thanks for the heads up on this new title!

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    well, i'm about 1/3 of the way through the book.

    bad part: every one of the articles has appeared elsewhere! and lewis' recent portfolio article - which was so good - doesn't even appear in it.

    good part: it's all in one place, so it's likely to be useful for those who can't google / have access to back issues of the publications, or want to look in the future.

    and it's funny to read the ppl who swore the real estate market wouldn't go down much, or would say things like "if that happens (ie. problems in housing, or with the companies/derivative products ) we'll be in something worse than the great depression!"
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