New MetaTrader 5 for iPhone

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Fat, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Fat


    The first mobile version of the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad was released today. This means that now you can have MetaTrader 5 in your pocket. Download MetaTrader 5 Mobile from AppStore � it's absolutely free!


    The powerful functionality of the desktop version coupled with the special design of the mobile interface, makes trading in financial markets even more comfortable. MetaTrader 5 mobile provides the possibility to trade anytime and anywhere.

    Trade, keep up with financial information and monitor your account � do it 24 hours a day with MetaTrader 5 for iPhone. You want to open a position in the morning while you are in London and then close it in the evening when you reach Hong Kong? No problem!


    Soon charts and analytics will be added in the MetaTrader 5 mobile version. Furthermore, the list of supported mobile platforms will be expanded with the release of Android and Blackberry versions.

    MetaTrader 5 for iPhone ensures portability without sacrificing functionality. Download the terminal free and start a truly mobile trading experience!
  2. Already charts in MT4 ?
  3. drm7


    What about Andriod? Any timeline for that?
  4. BwPirt


    Without chart functionality this is a little lack luster. For me personally anyway. I've yet to find a truly great iPhone trading platform. Anyone have suggestions?
  5. Good1


    "...without sacrificing functionality."

    Will it execute an EA?
  6. BwPirt


    There are no charts in this MT5 version, so no it won't.
  7. Good1


    Maybe they should call it MT2 or something. :)

    I'm guessing an EA could be implemented without a chart, if MetaQuotes wanted to. An indicator, on the other hand...