New massive TRADER SETUP [pics] flikr

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  2. First thoughts are a 15 year old just blew his inheritance on trying to look the part without even knowing what the part is.

    Ridiculous! If you would invest in computer power instead of using it wrongly to display charts you might get a clue.

    anyway, MAESTRO has you small time chart readers crushed.

    What a stupid waste of funds!
  3. Are you trading or launching a space shuttle? :D
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  5. need some more lines on your charts, not enough different timeframes of stochastics.
  6. This is a HUGE TOOL.

    What is the profitability/monitor factor?

    What is the marginal return of each processor you've added?
  7. Like Long Term Capital Management, that they don't lack PhD and Nobel prize winners and massive supercomputers, that they and system traders like them must make a lot of money doing algo trading, right?

    What is this with people making an absolute verdict just by looking at one set of pictures?

  8. What is it with people who read an article, or even a book and think they know everything?

    For every LTCM blow up, 100 plus more funds MADE MONEY with same strategy.

    Charts are for traders who like to guess direction, system real traders don't have 40 monitors like some kind of ritchy rich pretending to be a trader on someone elses dime.
  9. I have done this kind of command-center like built-out projects before.

    While businesses succeed and businesses fail. Doing this kind of projects is not your typical ET poster boy living in the basement with his parents.
  10. Different people trade differently.

    I happen to have 21 screens in my home trading office. No I bought them all with my own dime.

    So by looking at those pictures, and "ridiculous" is the immediate reaction. You know exactly how they trade and that they automatically lose money, right?
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