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  1. guru


    Unknown Market Wizards: The best traders you've never heard of

    Coming November:

    Looks like soon we’ll find out about:

    A trader who turned an initial account of $2,500 into $50 million.
    - A trader who achieved an average annual return of 337% over a 13-year period.
    - A trader who made tens of millions using a unique approach that employed neither fundamental nor technical analysis.
    - A former advertising executive who used classical chart analysis to achieve a 58% average annual return over a 27-year trading span.
    - A promising junior tennis player in the UK who abandoned his quest for a professional sporting career for trading and generated a nine-year track record with an average annual return just under 300%.
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  2. SteveM


    This is how kids must've felt in the 90s when new Harry Potter books were announced.
  3. ironchef


    There are so many unknown market wizards on ET, we don't need to read his new book. :D
  4. guru


    Ask any of them to post their results here, then see what happens :)
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  5. newwurldmn


    Results are overrated.
    Anyone can get lucky or unlucky over s period of time.

    But to see a proper trading process and to have a keen trading insight is worth learning from regardless of the person’s pnl.
  6. Nobert


    Meanwhile in the forum, folks preaching about 30% per annum, - being a get rich scheme.

    One of the unknowns, but now known :
  7. That is true anyone can get lucky or unlucky at any time.
  8. guowei58


    scam artists
    hahaha has anyone done the math on HOW incredibly wealthy these traders are right now...all billionaires now!!! before you feel the urge to tell me how these returns are not compounded...just stop and think about the most likely explanation for why no one has heard of them before...

  9. Survival bias.
  10. You can get this results just by luck with a sample big enough.
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