New Margin Rules for FXCM UK?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Gcapman, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Gcapman


    I got an email from FXCM stating the new margin rules for traders...

    Does this affect US traders only or do traders with the UK subsidiary also get affected by the new margin rules?

  2. I guess not the UK accounts as they are regulated by FSA ?
  3. AyeYo


    Only US. If you read further down in the email it notes that you can switch your account to the UK if you don't like the new requirements.
  4. as a resident of British Columbia, Canada i can no longer obtain an account with ANY
    US or UK fx broker - here minimum margin has increased to 3% - 1 mini = $300

    fxcm's margin increase - 'New Margin Requirements Take Effect November 22nd' seems
    like a joke - from $50 to $80 on the eurusd

    don't know if the FSA have plans to increase as Canada and the US have done but i
    expect there'll be a catch-up at some point and 'UK residents only'

    Alpari still offer 'Floating leverage up to 1:500'